Why Choose Me?

niver-the-designerHello, I’m Niver the Designer. I use the power of the internet to create the life I want to live and ill help you achieve the same. If you own a large or small company, I want to create a website that works as a tool and becomes a valuable asset to your business so you have more time to enjoy life. A website is a 24 hour employee, either a star employee or a low performing employee. I create star employees that don’t ask for a raise, don’t want vacations or time off and are very beneficial for you. If you’re on my website its because you’re looking for a professional web designer and not just a quick fix like wix or web.com, or because you know the difference between a mediocre freelancer who’s just trying to make a quick buck and only creates websites on the side while working full time somewhere else (Isn’t really passionate about the web, and is just in it for the money) This is my full time business, that’s why I have many clients who love me and why I continue to grow.

You’re looking for a design that will reflect what your business does while at the same time have it be high quality for a price that is unmatched by other web design firms. You’ll certainly find it with Niver The Designer.

Not only quality and price, but the service I provide during the design and even after your website is built is unmatched by any of my competitors (They just want a one night stand, then see ya later “Thanks for the money!”) Clients of my company are now friends, and their new websites have certainly benefited their business in numerous ways. I provide optional free web hosting and support by phone or email whenever they need it. The websites I build are set up so that you can make changes by yourself to the websites content such as wording and pictures, but I am here for support either way. You’ll have all the same passwords I have. I keep 100% transparency with my clients and hide nothing.

I don’t have packages or limit your choices depending on how much money you want to spend (Which is pretty much a scam if you ever see it with other companies, there is really not difference or added value with a more expensive package), everything is a flat rate cost with no monthly payments ever.

Please allow my to create a free demonstration design of your new website so that way you see what you’re going to get before you spend a dime. Fill out the short form to the right of this page, or if you’re on mobile, scroll down to see the form. Thanks for visiting Niver the Designer.