win customers and keep them for life

  • you get more of the behavior that you reward
  • many basic customer service techniques that people Overlook and find obnoxious are actually essential and key to growing a business and keeping customers happy. Your customers will be your best source of advertising, there is no advertising campaign that could beat out happy customers telling other people about you.
  • every Behavior has consequences
  • if consequences are rewarding the odds are great that the behavior will be repeated
  • the more customers feel like they are being rewarded, the more they will repeat their behavior and spend money with you. The less they are rewarded, the greater the odds that they will not repeat the behavior and show up somewhere else.
  • winning and keeping customers depends on rewarding people for being customers
  • advertising and perfectly put-together marketing campaigns are great ways to get her attention, but if you want to keep your customers you have to figure out a rewarding system for them.
  • Quality Service stands out today because it is so rare
  • in the shuffle of complex business and daily activities it’s easy to lose sight of the customer who makes it all possible
  • successful businesses with lots of customers tend to develop something called the success syndrome in which they ignore customer complains and wants because they believe they have more customers than they can handle and one unsatisfied customer will make a difference. Over time this turns into hundreds of customers and before the company knows it, they’re on the verge of going out of business.
  • looking at your business through the customer’s eyes could literally mean success or failure from your business. If everything isn’t in Tip-Top shape, you’re at risk of losing.
  • most of the time problems within your business or your self are really symptoms, and the symptoms are the result of a bigger problem that you need to figure out yourself. It’s nobody else’s fault or anything else, it’s something that you must change within your business or yourself that’s causing the symptoms.
  • create a list of problems or symptoms that you are having with in your business and figure out how to solve each one to increase profits.
  • you may not feel the symptoms of success syndrome but you’ll notice it’s affects.
  • even if you don’t sell a customer something that works, even if you refer them to a competitor that can help solve their problem, you will still earn their loyalty.
  • making sales creates short-term customers but keeping customers is far more profitable.
  • focus more on keeping customers satisfied rather than making the sale.
  • traditional selling is manipulative, it takes the approach of let’s take what we have and talk somebody into buying it
  • if you help clients or customers, the sales will take care of themselves. You don’t need to use sales techniques or anything else.

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