8 Tips On How To Not Be A Sucky Waitress & Things Waitresses Do That Suck

Okay, this is a post that might not be related to web design, business, marketing or anything else, but it is related to customer service and is also something I want to personally write about. I like to treat myself, and I wrote a Few articles that explained how important it is to take care of the most valuable asset and business which is yourself. Going out to eat is one of my most favorite things to do and how I take care of myself, but sometimes the waitress can make your experience miserable. Here is a list of things waitresses need to not do, and even show some ways on how to be a good waiter.


Stop asking me how I’m doing with a mouth full of food

This is unbelievably annoying, embarrassing, and a complete drain of energy…

Refill my coffee

Coffee is the high point of most people’s days! Doesn’t it drive you nuts when a waitress doesn’t refill your coffee? If you’re a waitress at a restaurant and you serve coffee during breakfast, make sure you at least refill and top of people’s coffees if they need it.

Make sure the coffee doesn’t taste like water or like crap even if it’s not your job

I’m not sure if this is the waitresses job to do, but at least make a team effort to make sure that’s the coffee tastes good. I can’t stand getting coffee that tastes like water. Or having to buy coffee from Dunkin Donuts because coffee at the breakfast place sucked.

Stop putting the check on my table and saying “no rush take your time”

Seriously don’t lie to me! You never even came to me to ask me how everything was or to refill my coffee, now you’re telling me no rush? You literally just want me to eat and get the heck out and give you your tip. If you going to tell the customer no rush, at least make sure you did a good job serving him or her beforehand.

Don’t give me the check with my food then disappear

This is extremely ignorant, and then I have to feel like the bad guy even if I don’t tip you? It’s ridiculous. Don’t give somebody the check with their food, it literally just shows them that you’re done serving them. In other words, it looks like you’re telling them to “eat your food and pay me”

You only time you came to my table is when it’s time for me to pay

How about I just dine and dash instead? You literally never even came to check to see how I was doing, now that there’s money on the table you’re like a vulture swooping down to pick it up?? Seriously ridiculous.

Stop giving me back all $1 bills

Seriously it comes off as desperate and you’re literally telling me to tip you. If the bill comes out to $8 and I give you a $20 bill, don’t give me back all ones. It’s absolutely ridiculous, especially if your waitressing skills suck. It’s ignorant. Don’t do it.

If I come in by myself, don’t ask “you’re the only one here?”

This is annoying, especially when you make it sound like I have no friends or something, and look at me like I have 10 heads? “Oh everyone comes in here with at least 3 people”, well not me! I don’t like people and don’t have a lot of friends. Can you deal with that? Yes people actually eat by their self, I’m sorry it will be affecting your tip. Jk lol. Thank you.

All in all, don’t come off as desperate, serve me, and don’t act like you’re in it for the money and that’s it. It creates too much negative energy.

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