Q. How much does a new website cost?

A. Pricing can greatly vary depending on the type of website and the project. For example, if you are looking to have your website redesigned for your small company and are looking for a beautiful, mobile formatted WordPress website, then it will typically cost anywhere from a  $2500 – $4500 flat rate price.

E-commerce websites typically cost a little bit more (Not by much) because there is a little bit more work involved. With a typical e-commerce website, I would have to install SSL certificates and set up merchant processing in order for you to accept credit cards. Usually I will help add inventory to the website and train you on how to use the control panel.

Q. Are any monthly fees involved?

A. I do not charge any monthly fees for anything, including hosting. I host your website free (As long as you’d like me to and you don’t currently have your own hosting) and provide support for no additional cost if you ever need it. Support ranges from help with control panel usage, any website questions or consulting.

Q. Will my website work on mobile devices?

A. YES. Your website will fit the screens automatically on Androids, Apple phones and tablets.

Q. Will building a new website take up a lot of my time?

A. Not at all. Once you agree to a new design from the demonstrations I create, it’s only a matter of me building the new design. I can use pictures and wording from your current website or you’re more than welcome to send pictures and wording little by little to me during the design process.

Q. Do you offer consulting?

A. I offer free consulting for my clients. (Usually cost $45 per hour and up from other companies) and if you ever need advice, have questions related to the web, then I am just a phone call away.

Q. How many pages can my website have?

A. You can have any number of pages. (Within reason) if you need more than 100 pages then the cost may increase.

Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. No one has requested a refund to this day which is good for me! But unfortunately I do not offer refunds. When I start a new web design project, I create a demonstration design for the potential client that way they see exactly what they are going to be getting before anything even happens. Along with the demonstration design, I create a proposal including everything else that is included with the new design.

By letting the potential client know what they are going to get from the very beginning will leave no chance for confusion down the road. But…. if you’re seriously unhappy with the end result, then I may refund you.


Q. How long will it take for my website to be completed?

A. Your new website will take 1 – 2 weeks to be completed. If if takes longer for me to obtain content from the client such as wording or images, the website design may take longer to be fully completed.

Q. What features / pages will my website have?

A. It depends on what you want. Your website will most likely have a built in control panel for making changes to content, a build in picture gallery, slideshow, FAQS section, testimonials section, about us, employees section, contact form page, services page, products page, resources page, before and after page and more.

Q.What happens after my website is completed?

A. After your website is completed, we will meet one more time so I can show you how to use the control panel in order to add and remove content from your new website.

If you ever need any support, or have questions down the road, you’ll always be able to contact me by phone or email for support. There will be no additional charge for support.

Q. Do you create backups of my website?

A. A backup of your website will be created and stored in multiple secured locations every X amount of days. The purpose of creating a backup of your website is just in case anything ever happens to the server or your website, a backup will be available to have your website restored.

Q. Do You Offer SEO With New Website Designs?

A. Yes. I offer SEO for keywords that will help your website show up locally around the town / city your business is located in.

Q. Can you guarantee a page 1 ranking for my SEO?

A. There is no SEO or marketing company in the world that can guarantee a page 1 ranking for any keyword phrase. If they do then they are lying. However, if your niche is somewhat low / mid competitive in your area, then there is a strong possibility of a page 1 ranking for the search phrase you want.

Q. Can I host my own website and keep my domain name in my own account?

A. Absolutely. You can certainly keep your own domain name and use a hosting provider of your choice. There is no added benefit for me to host your website or domain name. However, if you would like free web hosting, I am more than happy to provide this to you as a benefit for my clients.

Q. What if something happens to you? Like an accident or If You go out of business?

A. If anything happens to me or my company then you should know that you will be fine. You will have all the passwords you need to access your domain name and hosting account (if hosted with me) and I am 100% transparent with all of my clients.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. I accept cash and checks only. I currently do not accept credit or debit cards.

Q. What If I need to make changes to my website?

A. Your website will be set up so that you can make changes to content such as wording, colors, pictures, video and more. If however, you are not comfortable with making changes to the websites content then you can simply contact me and I will make the changes for you free of charge.

Q. Will I own my website?

A. YES. You will own 100% of the website and it’s contents.

Q. Do you create a facebook with my website?

A. If you would like to have a facbook business account then I am more than happy to create one for you free of charge. The website will be linked to your facebook so your audience can help your website grow.