5 Fun, crazy, messed up games to make cold calling fun

Who says cold calling has to be stressful, painful and boring? Call calling only feels negatively because you’re looking at the wrong way! It’s really like a game show if you think about it.

Picture 5 contestants each in their own phone booth, each contestant has a list of 200 numbers they have to call and generate leads from. Whoever gets the most leads, when’s a prize. I don’t know about you, but this sounds ridiculously fun!

Here is a list of cold calling games I literally came up with that the top of my head, so give me props! I made these up in order to create a fun cold calling environment. These games will only work with multiple people doing cold calls.

Cold calling game number one – I call this game, “lead gambling”

Say for example you have a team of 5 telemarketers. All 5 telemarketers agree to play the game. You give all 5 telemarketers 2 hours to generate as many leads as they can. The person with the most leads gets too keep everyone else’s leads that they generated. Talk about turning the office into an adrenaline-fueled Casino! Sign me up!

Cold calling game number 2 – I call this game “loser drinks all”

Basically, the person who generates the least amount of leads in a specified amount of time has to drink a cocktail that the other telemarketers brewed up from random ingredients in the refrigerator. How does a ketchup and soda with mayonnaise and sour cream shake sound? I would definitely do this. Who wouldn’t do this???

Cold calling game number 3  “Safe word”

Set your team of telemarketers up. Have them all right down a word on a piece of paper and put the words in a jar. Shake up the jar, and close your eyes while picking out a piece of paper. Whatever word you picked out, your telemarketers have to get the person they call on the other line to say this word. Whatever telemarketer makes the person say the word first, will win a prize. You can be creative with how you play, but this is just to give you ideas.

Cold calling game number 4 – “phone number bingo”

Here is how it works. After all of your telemarketers have made all their calls for the day, have them take all their phone numbers they dialed and put them in front of them on the computer or where ever.

You as the game show host, must have a list of numbers that you call out to see if they have. Create these numbers before hand. Create 50 numbers.

They are basically going to take the 3 little digits of the middle of the phone number and add them together. So 774-360-2072 will add up to 9, because 3 + 6 + 0 equals 9

Call out the numbers you generated, and whoever has the most numbers out of 50 numbers you call out will win a prize of huge significance. Like $1000 or something. This will give them a lot of excitement while doing calls and have something to look forward to besides making a new sale! Besides, $1000 is going to be minuscule compared to the amount they earned you for the day because now they’re having fun cold calling!

Cold calling game number 5 – This one’s really fun and challenging I call it “freak out”

Basically, while one of your telemarketers is making a cold call, you have to try to do everything you can to annoy them and distract them without them losing their cool or laughing or anything. This could include tapping on their face, throwing stuff their way, pressing keys on the keyboard, or whatever else. If they pass, then go to the next caller and try to do the same thing to them. When somebody loses their cool or freaks out, make a tally mark. At the end of the day, Whoever has the least tally marks wins a prize of huge significance.

Okay I could keep going on with new games but I wouldn’t want to get too sadistic. Hopefully you love this article and use some of the techniques here. Make sure to share this article on facebook and other places!

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